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It has been exactly 1 year and 23 days that I posted my first blog. I had planned to post 24 blogs through the year but they exceeded to 27.  These have been viewed in more than half of the countries around the world but most of the views have been in United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Emirates, Japan,  South East Asia and South Asian countries with Pakistan and India topping the list.

I started with a brief introduction to Indus Civilization. Seven months later I described the benevolence of the river that gave birth to the Civilization.  This was followed by another blog about the fish symbol that still haunts the region.

Blogs are under five categories. Pre-historic and pre-Islamic category turned out to be a favorite with the readers with a lot of interest in the Buddhist past of Pakistan. My first blog on this topic  was received very well and so was the latest which tells the story of the discovery of Buddha’s remains near Peshawar and their transportation to Burma where they are kept safe in a pagoda in Mandalay.  My favorite on this subject is the one I wrote on Sudheran jo Thal as it inspires me to explore more Buddhist past. Sufi Islam too has been a favorite with the readers especially when it is accompanied by music, here is a sample. A few blocks are on my home district Tharparkar and the ancient miseries that continue to lurk over its parched land. And finally I posted on the elections of May 2013 which echoed with the slogan of ‘Naya Pakistan.’

Along with the blogs I published my short stories ‘Obscure Women Obscure Stories: A Pakistani Trilogy.’

I want to say that inspiration of writing came to me from many sources but the encouragement to write came only from you. Whenever I checked my statistics and discovered that somewhere someone in the world is reading my blog I got ready to write another. Please keep reading and enjoying.

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